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Top 5 #fortfortheday castles according to YOU

Our #fortfortheday series has taken social media by STORM - with some posts on Countries That Don't Exist Anymore's Facebook and Twitter accounts receiving up to several retweets. So to keep the momentum ball rolling down the obscure history hill/ quarry, we present to you YOUR favourite forts.

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1. Fort Murud-Janjira, India

This was your top fort by far! The 15th century Fort Murud-Janjira, India. Reachable only by sea, the main gate is also hidden from view. Looking for the gift shop? Forget it.

2. Matsumoto Castle, Japan

Your number 2 is Matsumoto Castle, Japan - also known as the Crow Castle because of its black colour. Matsumoto Castle was hard to conquer thanks to its large moat, interconnecting walls and ornamental zen gardens, which really took the impetus out of an attack.

3. Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

This was once one of the best preserved medieval or Crusader castles in the world but has sadly been damaged in the recent civil war. Interesting fact: on the Parisian party scene Krak des Chevaliers means ketamine. Which you must love - because you sure clicked this one up!

4. Arbeia Roman Fort, UK

Built in AD 160 on South Shields, it was created to defend the Roman Empire, as part of Hadrian's Wall, from Picts raiding south for delicious but intoxicating tonic wine. This was your number 3!

5. Malbork Castle, Poland

Malbork Castle, Poland was built by the crusading Teutonic Order in 1406. As the world's largest castle measured by surface area, it survived all major assaults except for a wall breach by swarms of treasure hunting Da Vinci Code fans in 2006.

Didn't see your fave fort? Then why not let us know/ complain to your local Parish Council?

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