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Praise for Countries That Don't Exist Anymore!

We're always happy to see kind words about Countries That Don't Exist Anymore. Partly because it's a labour of love and it props up our flagging egos. But mostly because it helps people find our podcast and, although we don't expect for it to be everybody's cup of tea, it helps us win new fans in a world of 5 billion podcasts and counting.

So, while googling "Countries That Don't Exist Anymore podcast" to find out why we appear on page 57 of Google (actually it's page 2, but you're splitting hairs after page 1 tbh), we were delighted to find a nice little write up from Calen Cross of the Bello Collective in an article titled: "20 History Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2021." He said:

Although I rarely think that comedy and history should go together, Countries that Don’t Exist Anymore is equal parts ridiculous, entertaining and informative — and it works. The episode that hooked me was about the “Republic of Rough and Ready,” a small mining town in California that seceded from the United States for two months. Get ready for fake ads, dramatic reenactments, and ridiculous songs.

What's really nice about this is his list contains some seriously good and goodly serious history podcasts - we'd strongly recommend Tides of History. Calen Cross has had the perspicacity (google it) to realise that, although fans of the silly, we are desperately serious about history.

The reason that we create and continue this podcast is that it didn't exist and it's what we've always wanted to hear. And we're very happy there are history fans out there that feel the same way.

If you haven't heard it, go ahead and listen to the episode that got Calen hooked: Republic of Rough and Ready.

And if you find anything written about Countries That Don't Exist Anymore, let us know so we can feature it. Even better you could write something yourself!

Now, enough backslapping. Let's get on with the show...

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