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Coming soon...series 3 of Countries That Don't Exist Anymore!

We asked YOU Existers what you wanted to hear about, and you told us in your thousands…hundreds…some of you told us.

So in series 3, we’ll explore…

The Qilombo dos Palmares

How did a bunch of runaway slaves defy one of the world’s greatest super powers and build a functioning kingdom deep in the Amazon forest that gave the King of Portugal sleepless nights? It’s The Qilombo dos Palmares.

The Viking Kingdom of Dublin

Find out how Vikings created Ireland’s most famous city and the longest lasting Viking overseas kingdom in the world. Grab your axes, it’s time for The Viking Kingdom of Dublin.


When Phoenicians founded the colony of Carthage in North Africa, who could have guessed that they would have created a Mediterranean powerhouse that almost defeated the Roman Empire…with elephants?

The Raj of Sarawak

When self-aggrandizing show off James Brooke nagged his dad for a boat, little did anyone expect that he’s create a family dynasty in Borneo that lasted one hundred years - The Raj of Sarawak.

Republic of Ezo

Katanas clash, honour is forged and lots of rice is eaten. Join the last stand of the Samurai against the forces of Imperial Japan in the Republic of Ezo.


We go back back to 4,500 BC to the first country that ever existed. Between the Tigris and Euphrates sprung forth mighty Sumer.

So join us for series 3 of Countries That Don’t Exist Anymore wherever you listened to series 1 and 2 of Countries That Don’t Exist Anymore. Or somewhere else entirely.

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Join us. For the award-entered into series of…

Countries That Don't Exist Anymore!

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